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Sneeze Guards and Protective Shields in Acrylic

Australian designed and built

Protects your staff and clients from sneeze, cough and germs, and assists in preventing the spread of infection. Sneeze Guard is an effective way to maintain  social distancing where you need it the most!

We are proud to have manufactured & supplied over 10,000 Sneeze Guards  across Australia to offices, Medical centres, Receptions & Counters, Schools & Universities, Government Institutions, Supermarkets, Stores, Hotels, Clubs and more.

9 Reasons Why our Sneeze Guards & Protective Shields are the best value for money

  • High-quality acrylic sneeze guards built using premium clear perspex, plexiglas, shinkolite or equivalent material. Polycarbonate options available.
  • Transparent infection protection screens offering safety with aesthetics.
  • Lowers the risk of viral, bacterial and germ infection caused by sneeze, cough & breathing.
  • Local design and production – super quick turnaround assured.
  • Wide range of standard sizes and designs on offer with great functionality and impressive value.
  • Screens are laser machined with polished edges &  all corners rounded for safety.
  • Cleverly designed for easy installation, with a portable free-standing set-up, or can be easily adapted for fixed option.
  • Custom size and designs manufactured within 2 to 3 working days.
  • Collection from Silverwater or Ultimo, or we can ship Australia wide.

Why acrylic instead of glass sneeze guards?

  • Acrylic protective screens are as transparent and clear as standard glass whilst weighing less than half the weight.
  • Acrylic has over 10 times higher impact strength than standard glass.
  • More cost effective and easier to fabricate into required shape compared to glass.

Where are these Sneeze Guards used?

  • Medical Practices and GP Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Offices & workplaces as existing screen toppers
  • Schools and Universities
  • Supermarkets
  • Pharmacies
  • Salons 
  • Gyms & Fitness Centres
  • Convenience and grocery stores
  • Receptions counters and office desks
  • Sales counters and Kiosks
  • Cafe and Bakeries
  • Servos
  • Clubs & bars

Choose from a range of Protective Barrier Screens to suit you

We fully understand and respect that every situation and store has a specific requirement in terms of dimensions, shape and other specs when it comes to sneeze guards. So rather than thrusting a version of ‘one-size-fits-all’ model like most others, we have designed and offer a wide range of options for you to suit your specific needs.

Flat sneeze guards

  • Freestanding perspex screen with option to add fixed feet kit to tape/screw to the bench top if required. This is shipped flat pack and can be easily collapsed and put away for storage when required. Very popular with medical practices, hospitals and reception counters. Available in ten standard sizes varying from 600mm W x 600mm H to 1200mm W x 1200mm H.

Wraparound Sneeze Guards

  • A robust and strong design offering front and size shield. Fixed to the bench top using supplied very high bond clear double sided tape and/or screws to suit the pre-drilled holes on the base. Available in two standard sizes.

Inclined Sneeze Guards

  • These protective screens are free standing and have a L-shaped sloping front face, very popular with hospitality industry like cafe’s, bakeries, buffets, and food display stores. Comes with pre-drilled base and mounting screws included so can be permanently installed if required. Available in three standard sizes.

Curved Sneeze Guards

  • Aesthetically the most pleasant screen in Australia! Free-standing curved acrylic glass sneeze guards with optional fixed feet kit to tape/screw to the bench top if required.  Designed for simplicity and protection whilst adding aesthetics in the mix. Equally popular with office workstations & store-fronts. Available in three standard sizes.

Pass through cut-out on all standard screens

All our standard protective screens come with standard 300mm wide (X) x 120mm high (Y) cut-out slot windows. This cut-out is provided to safely pass through EFTPOS machine, documents, keys, credit cards and perhaps a regular coffee cup as well without exposing yourself to the person behind the barrier. Please note that you can choose to NOT have the cut-out during placing the online order, at no additional cost.

Fixed Feet Kit Option for permanent fixing of Flat & Curved Sneeze Guard Screens

Flat and Curved type Sneeze Guards come standard with a pair of free-standing straight interlocking feet. These are suitable if you intend to keep the sneeze guards portable and might move them around, or do not want to permanently fix to the desktop using tape or screws.

We offer you a Fixed Feet Kit option which that comes with folded interlocking feet. These feet can be fixed to the desk top surface using supplied ‘very high bond’ clear double sided tape and 4 x Philip head multi-purpose timber screws 20mm long. The feet come pre-drilled so all you need for assembly is a Phillip head screwdriver in most cases. Fixed Feet kit can be purchased from online shop separately. Note that the screens do not come with standard straight feet where fixed feet kit is opted in the order. Screen panels with fixed feet sit about 6mm higher than the surface.

Office Sneeze Guard Screens for Workstations and Cubicles – Desk Partitions & Dividers

We have specifically designed clear acrylic partition screens and desk divider screens to address office hygiene and sneeze guard requirements.

Our Office sneeze guard screens can be used as ‘toppers’ or extensions for existing partition screens as these be attached on top of the flat surface of the aluminium extrusion. The screens can also be used as standalone divider screens mounted on the worktop surface to provide safe partition between the two seating points. Best part is our office sneeze guard partition screens provide the required safe social distancing whilst maintaining aesthetics & visibility.

The screens and clear acrylic L-brackets are interlocking, and the bracket attaches to the worktop surface using the applied clear ultrathin very high bond d/s tape. These brackets for desk divider screens come pre-drilled to provide a provision to screw fix these to the worktop if required at the time of installation or in future.

We have designed, manufactured & supplied the Office partition screens (& installed in most cases) to Greenstone Investments, Allied Credit, Wormald, HelloWorld, Uncle Bills, Coates Hire, Discovery Channel, Brazil Consulate, NSW touch Football, Maui Jim, Taylor Wines to name a few.

‘Ripple’ Hygiene Screens – Large freestanding & portable screens for Gyms & fitness clubs, Salons & Offices

Ripple Hygiene screen is primarily designed with a view to provide cost-effective social distancing solution in high traffic areas buzzing with activities – providing ample light & visibility whilst offering privacy.  Ripple Screens signify portability, durability, premium quality and aesthetics. Specifically suited to be used in hotels & cafes, restaurants, gyms and fitness centres, clubs, event management centres, salons and Tabs and many other areas.

Specs & features:

  • Strong and durable whilst being lightweight and portable
  • Can be freestanding or temporarily attached to the surface using supplied double sided tape or Velcro
  • Simple assembly, super quick to put together
  • Made in Australia at APF Silverwater factory and supplied flat packed to any location across Australia
  • Aesthetically designed interlocking feet in thick black Acrylic with finished edges
  • Translucent screen in 10mm multiwall polycarbonate with a black border in a soft material
  • Transmits over 85% of light in clear translucent version
  • Protects from over 99.9% harmful UV radiations

Standard Sizes (can be customised to your requirement)

Size 1: 2000mm High  x 1000mm Wide, price $349 + GST each, ex Silverwater or Ultimo

Size 2: 1500mm High x 1000mm Wide, price $299 + GST each, ex Silverwater & Ultimo

Custom Sneeze Guards in all Sizes and Shapes

If you need custom sneeze guards that are different to our standard range or sizes, or cut-outs, you are welcome to contact our friendly customer service team. We can manufacture to your specs, or our design team can work with you to work out the best solution … generally as quickly as 2 to 3  days!

We ship Australia wide – Flat Rate of $29.95 per order for Standard Sneeze Guards!

Our Sneeze guards have been locally designed and produced, and get shipped out Australia wide from our factory at Silverwater. Majority of our standard screens are shipped out via 100% carbon neutral freight within 48 hours from the order.

All sneeze guards are shipped with protective making on both sides of the screen. This protective masking is either a thin brown paper or PE plastic, and protects the surface from scratching during production, handling and set-up. The masking can be easily peeled off by the end user during set-up.

Our shipped sneeze guards are packed in lightweight but robust 100% recyclable and 100% compostable honeycomb packing panels. This makes disposal at your customers very easy compared to polystyrene or similar which typically end up in landfill. We support sustainability as our packaging is made paper processed from responsibly-grown wood in FSC-Certified forests. This helps your customers meet their sustainability targets in contrast to polystyrene which is petroleum-based.

Our packaging being fully biodegradable is harmless to the ecosystem, and causes less mess. In comparison, polystyrene breaks apart easily causing damaging polystyrene particles to escape into the environment.


APF offers 2 years limited warranty on all types of acrylic Sneeze Guards screens covering manufacturing defects.

Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Apply water or wet sponge & a mild detergent/soap, and wipe the surface with a soft tint-free cloth like microfiber soon after.
  • Should NOT be cleaned when dry as it may leave scratches on the surface.
  • Must NOT be cleaned with strong commercial cleaners/chemicals like Windex/Bam etc as they may turn the surface hazy & damage the screens.
  • Virus and Bacteria can be wiped off using iso-propanol (this is same agent used in most hand sanitiser disinfectants) and a soft cloth.
  • Please note that acrylic is fragile, and mishandling or dropping of the screen might result in damage/break/crack in the screen.

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Flat Sneeze Guard


Wraparound Sneeze Guard

inclined-sneeze guard

Inclined Sneeze Guard


Curved Sneeze Guard


Bringing Employees Back Safely – Office screens for Workstations


RIPPLE Hygiene Screen – Image showing 2000mm High x 1000mm Wide Option


2400mmH x 1800mmW Hygiene Screens in Snap Gym – Australian made Polycarbonate sheets securely installed using German fixtures

Hi, getting your orders delivered to you at the earliest is a very high priority for us. Over the last 30 days, we have achieved our target of despatching over 97% of the orders within 48 hours from order confirmation. However, due to COVID-19 mandatory restrictions by the government, which we respect is a requirement for safety for all, there might be delays of upto 2 to 3 days over standard freight lead times from our freight companies in delivering your goods. We appreciate your understanding, patience and support at these exceptional circumstances.

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