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Pandora’s Box was actually a jar

Pandora’s Box was actually a jar
Pandora’s Box was actually a jar

Over the past month Pandora have been popping up all over Sydney to launch Pandora SHINE – a new range of 18k gold jewellery.

The design team at Jason James Designs wanted to explore the beehive motif in 3 dimensional form.

So Andy at Dark Matter thought “who better understands the exploration of visual metaphor through architectural design…. AUSTRALIAN PLASTIC FABRICATORS, of course!?”

With some serious logistical wrangling, laser cut signage, geometric gold mirror plinths, trays and cut to size all contributed to the uber sleek launch of such a recognisable high end brand.

Here is what Andy had to say about APF;

“Just thought I would drop you a quick note to let you know how highly I think of your business. I have been dealing with Joe and Frank, and they have been spot on in all the product they have sent. The things I like are.

Ease of dealing with your guys.
Getting the order correct.
Quality of the work produced.
The wrapping and correct labelling of the product.
Price consistency.

I am a happy camper and many thanks for helping us with the Pandora project.”

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