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Get Closer at Vivid

Get Closer at VividGet Closer at VividGet Closer at Vivid

Acrylic has reached global popularity due to its versatility and breadth of application. 

Take for instance, as a medium to explore human interaction and social connection. If you have the vision! 

Lawrence and Anson and ANL Designs approached us a little earlier this year in regards to the supply of some oversized Opal Acrylic Acrylic sheets cut to size. Opal is a light diffusing material, available in different transparencies mostly used in the signage industry.  

The installation is constructed as a series of 30 interconnected translucent cubes. Visitors are invited to enter and discover that the interior is a maze, where shadowy silhouettes are seen through walls and the experience is of isolation and disorientation.

I’ll be heading down this week to stalk shadows and take in the sights (eat food). Will you?

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