Food & Beverage

Acrylic has broad appeal and hygienic credentials for use in hospitality businesses. We can custom fabricate display pedestals for use in buffet displays, trays and cone holders for caterers through to signage, menu and card holders for restaurants, cafes and bars. 


  • Custom Designs in Acrylic
  • Acrylic Bin Systems
  • Custom Acrylic Signage
  • Acrylic Display
  • Acrylic Showcases
  • Food Dispensers
  • Sneezeguards and Acrylic Doors
  • Point of Sale Acrylic Product Display
  • Custom Acrylic Beverage Display


  • PRICE CARDS acrylic holders
  • TIM TAM refrigerator door unit
  • ACRYLIC DISPLAY buffet risers
  • ARNOTTS coloured acrylic shelves
  • SNEEZE GUARDS for buffets
  • PROMOTIONAL product displays in acrylic
  • SUMO SALAD takeaway food signage
  • GENERIC acrylic counter top shelves
  • WINE DISPLAY acrylic boxes
  • CUPCAKE food presentation trays and risers
  • BEVERAGE COOLER acrylic point of display unit
  • ZOO refrigerator door shelf talker
  • TABLE TOP wine menu holders
  • PERONI acrylic beverage display
  • LUKE MANGAN acrylic screenprinted signage