Display plinths are the workhorse for every industry, product, Gallery or Exhibitor. Present your product, brand of Gallery piece with style. We collaborate with you to design and fabricate from your brief or make the design you bring to us, come to life. We fabricate plinths of any size from any material you specify including perspex or wood.

Clinique LED Display Plinths
  • Acrylic Plinths
  • Plexiglass Plinths
  • Perspex Display Plinths
  • Acrylic Counter Top Display
  • Custom Made Display
  • Exhibition Display Plinths
  • Gallery Display Plinths


  • Clinique - LED Plinths
  • MAC Cosmetics Plinth, David Jones
  • LaPrarie Cosmetics Display Plynth
  • ANZAC Memorial Display Plynth
  • Janz Plinth - Dan Murphys
  • Pandora Gold Mirror Plinths
  • Sony  Display Plinths - Harvey Norman
  • LED Rotating Plinth - Star City
  • Display Plinth Blocks - Library of NSW
  • Star Spinner Wheel_Chinese New Year - Sovereign Hall
  • Tapware Product Display Plynths
  • Display Plinths - Library of NSW

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