Museums, Galleries & Cultural Institutions

We make display boxes and exhibition pieces for some of Australia’s most important cultural institutions and art galleries.
Showcases can be made as lockable units to protect valuable or rare display items. UV protective acrylic is also available where light levels are critical.
Gift shop fittings are also available as standard or custom made items for display of cards, books and memorabilia. 

  • Acrylic Display Cases
  • Exhibition Panels
  • Custom Acrylic Shapes
  • UV rated Acrylic Display Cases
  • Acrylic Light Boxes
  • Acrylic Dust Covers
  • Text or image etching
  • Gift Shop Fittings
  • Acrylic Sound Baffles
  • Locks and fixtures
  • iPad Holders
  • Exhibition Supports

  • MEMORABILIA custom made acrylic cases
  • Sporting Memorabilia Acrylic Display Case
  • POWERHOUSE MUSEUM acryllic showcases
  • ACRYLIC LECTERNS made to order
  • powerhouse00z17761
  • MUSEUM DISPLAY custom showcases
  • SIGNAGE  any size, screenprinted
  • Sporting Memorabilia Acrylic Display Case
  • CUSTOM DISPLAY boxes in acrylic
  • POWERHOUSE MUSEUM display cases
  • iPad Display stand in matt black acrylic
  • MUSEUM showcases