Are Your Acrylic Displays International Sports Star Worthy?

Tim Cahill & his Acrylic Display

Australian Plastic Fabricators was left a little hot under the collar the other evening… It’s not every day one of our Acrylic Display Cases makes its way to an unveiling on TV and presented to one of Australia’s most venerated sports stars.

In June this year, Tim Cahill reached a milestone; 100 capped games for the Socceroos. What says “Tim, we are eternally grateful for your continued contribution and enrichment to the game of Soccer in Australia” like an Acrylic Display case produced by Australian Plastic Fabricators.

Two Aussie Icons under the spotlight. All eyes on Tim. Tim’s eyes on us!

Thanks to Sam at Frameworks for bringing us on board. With his vision, we managed to turn the unit around with in three days, in time to send it to Hong Kong for presentation a little earlier this month.


Sculpture By the Sea on Seven


We are thrilled to have been involved in the 2012 Sculpture by the Sea exhibition.  Artist Greer Taylor, a finalist at the 2012 exhibition, commissioned Australian Plastic Fabricators to cut and produce the mirrored acrylic disc at the base of the installation.

In January this year, Sculpture by the Sea, partnered with David Jones to hold an exhibition of works by artists who exhibited at Sculpture by the Sea, and Greer’s installation was moved to its new home in Elizabeth Street, Sydney. Having been subjected to inevitable weathering in its previous position on the Bondi rocks, Greer asked APF to cut and produce a new mirrored disc for the sculpture to restore it to its former glory.  The exhibition was held in the newly renovated venue: ‘On Seven’ in the David Jones Elizabeth Street store.

Artist Greer Taylor was really happy with our speedy turn-around, saying, “Thanks for getting those mirrors done so quickly – it really made such a difference to the work!”