Order Cancelled. Discounted Stock.

A.P.F has had a huge order cancelled and now everywhere we look our vision is clouded with A4 and A5 Vertical Menu Holders. So, to keep our gears from being ground we are having a massive sale on these items with prices to hold until stock is cleared.
If you are looking to revamp your retail area with Showroom quality POS displays at bargain prices and do not want to go as far as China… send us an email sales@www.ausplasfab.com.au  or give us a call on (02) 9660 6010.

Units are being sold in packs of 10 and prices represent a 50% discount.
A5 Clear Acrylic Menu Holder= $7.99 ea + GST
A4 Clear Acrylic Menu Holder= $8.99 ea + GST.



Australian Plastic Fabricators’ Blog is Back


2014 was a busy year for A.P.F. With no rest for the wicked, we have been a little lax on keeping our website updated with all the exciting things we have been up to.

All that is about to change, with intensive, fast tracked IT training from our friends at Big Picture Inc… No form of social media is safe. Blogs, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook are all mountains we wish to conquer so we can bring you all our latest news, photos and projects. So WATCH THIS SPACE.

In the meantime, to satiate those Acrylic cravings take a look at the Crystal Structure we produced in conjuncture with UNSW and ANSTO for Science week last year. With our brains trust Joe and our Fabricator Extraordinaire Neeraj at the helm, the structure involved fabrication of spheres with LED Strip Lighting running through Acrylic Tube. Below is a picture of the unit in its temporary home of the botanic gardens before heading to its final resting place in the Australian Musuem.

If you are interested in Crystallography and the project in general heres a link to find out more…



Connect With Us…

Its been a little while…

Long gone are the days of the Yellow Pages. More expensive are the costs of advertising on Google. The rise of social media is well and truly upon us. So in between all the ‘perspexing’ we’ve been working hard to bring our platforms up to date.

Now we are all dressed up with no where to go and feeling like the losers at the dance whom no one wants to serenade. Goooooo on… come and romance us with a follow or a like.

Instagram and Facebook are a great way to stay in touch, have a sticky beak, grab information or get new ideas.

Can’t wait to see you on the world wide web!


An iPad stand for your new iPad 3


We’ve just finished making this beautiful iPad holder for a client who is going to use it in an Exhibition setting to gather contact names and email addresses for his business development. The incentive to sign up? A chance to win an iPad of your own – who could resist?

With the launch of the new iPad 3 today it’s a fitting item to show you, don’t you think? Fabricated  in matte black acrylic it’s sturdy, durable and will make all the ‘design police’ out there happy.


Etched logos, type & patterns in acrylic


We’ve been busy in the factory, experimenting with some new techniques – like etching into acrylic. Here’s a snap of an early trial. We think this could be quite cool, but let us know what you think? What would you like to see?


Sculpture By the Sea on Seven


We are thrilled to have been involved in the 2012 Sculpture by the Sea exhibition.  Artist Greer Taylor, a finalist at the 2012 exhibition, commissioned Australian Plastic Fabricators to cut and produce the mirrored acrylic disc at the base of the installation.

In January this year, Sculpture by the Sea, partnered with David Jones to hold an exhibition of works by artists who exhibited at Sculpture by the Sea, and Greer’s installation was moved to its new home in Elizabeth Street, Sydney. Having been subjected to inevitable weathering in its previous position on the Bondi rocks, Greer asked APF to cut and produce a new mirrored disc for the sculpture to restore it to its former glory.  The exhibition was held in the newly renovated venue: ‘On Seven’ in the David Jones Elizabeth Street store.

Artist Greer Taylor was really happy with our speedy turn-around, saying, “Thanks for getting those mirrors done so quickly – it really made such a difference to the work!”